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Tracking and physical impact monitoring app for the safety of your vehicles

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Car Alarm features

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Monitors the condition, movement, and physical impact of your car, displaying its position on the map
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Saves and checks the history of your vehicle's status and alerts
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Receives notifications and alerts in real time and in offline mode on the GSM network
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Adds and checks as many vehicles as you need

What can Car Alarm do?

Car Alarm is an app for vehicle owners, to be used in addition to an embedded car security system. Car Alarm allows you to control your car's condition, movement, or any kind of physical activity directed at your vehicle (shaking, vibration, etc.). With Car Alarm, you can monitor your car's position on the map, and receive alerts and notifications if your vehicle is physically impacted. Car Alarm is run both on iOS (compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, but not available with iPad) and Android devices, and supports AppleWatch and Android Wear devices.


How does Car Alarm work?

For the Car Alarm app to work, it needs to be installed on at least two iOS or Android devices:

  • Main Device, which receives notifications
  • Remote Device, which is placed inside your vehicle.

Start the Car Alarm app on both devices, log into your app account with your email and password, and choose the car. You have 15 seconds to place the Remote Device and leave the car before the Watchdog mode kicks in.